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Golf Grass

Aspiring golfers can study in the morning and train in the afternoon. Whether you dream of becoming a professional or whether you want to improve your game, a program can be tailored to your needs


Board, Languages


Our students can currently study French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Italian, with native teachers. Due to the small and friendly classes, students quickly grow in confidence, learning to express themselves in second, third and even fourth languages whilst learning about different world cultures.


Public Speaking and Drama

We offer classes in drama and in public speaking for middle school and for high school students. Students have the opportunity to perform regurlarly, grow in confidence, boost their self-esteem and also take New Era exams if they choose.

Tennis, ball


We are used to working flexibly with student athletes who play competitively either locally, nationally, or internationally and we ensure that schooling continues. We work closely with students in their final year of high school and place them in universities and colleges internationally which match the students academic and sporting profiles. Study hard and train hard.

Writing, pen, page

Creative Writing

Students develop their writing techniques as well as different approaches to unlocking creativity.

Brush, art, colors


Students intending on studying art after high school can develop their portfolios.



Fitness, Multi Sport and Self Defence classes.

Guitare, wood


At The Hive Acedemy music classes are available to all students. Your child will be able to learn acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele or bass.

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